Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Beidou Guide

If there's a name in Liyue that strikes a chord among its residents, it's Beidou—the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean and the infamous Captain of the Crux Fleet. Players Adventure Rank 30 and above who have completed the Inazuma Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals, can unlock Beidou's Hangout Event from the Quest menu in exchange for two Story Keys.

At the start of the Hangout, you'll receive an invitation to visit the Alcor at the Guyun Stone Forest. It's highly recommended to put a Portable Waypoint on the ship, as you'll be returning to that point multiple times throughout all Endings.

Ending 1: Photography Class for Two

Once you and Beidou get some time alone to chat, respond with Why would I? I'm actually quite interested in the life of a sailor. Later, choose to undergo training for The Shield of the Crux.

Listen to Yinxing, Huixing, and Xu Liushi tell you about their jobs, then head back to Beidou, who'll give you a test. Choose the following answers, in this exact order:

Beidou prompts you to join a mandatory photography class, only to find that the teacher called in sick—so you become the de facto teacher instead. You're asked to choose a model, and whatever you respond will default to Beidou. When choosing a location for the shoot, select I've heard there's a fishing village near Wangshu Inn.

Follow the quest marker to Beidou's old hometown, where you learn a great deal about her past. When the conversation eases back into photography, respond with However you prefer. And when asked about your opinion about her pose, choose Perhaps you can strike an epic pose.

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Ending 2: Flirtatious

Head to the Hangout section of the Quest Menu, select Beidou's Hangout Event, and start from the dialogue route Snap! Doing so will allow you to start from the conversation in her hometown as opposed to redoing the entire Hangout from the beginning.

This time, when asked about your opinion about Beidou's pose, choose the option Maybe go for something a little... flirtatious?

Ending 3: Once Everything is Over

For this Event, you can start from two dialogue points. The sailor test will be different, but both will lead toward the same Ending.

Option A: Start from A Little Test

You must intentionally answer all the questions wrong, so pick any answer except for the following:

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Option B: Start from Sailor Training

This time around, choose the training option for The Spear of the Crux. This will prompt a Skirmish Boat Challenge that you need to complete in 90 seconds. The Skirmish Boat works exactly the same way as a Waverider. Your goal is to collect all 13 Insignias along the way.

Toward the end of the Challenge, a Wind Current will appear. Jump out of the boat and glide from the boat to the Alcor with the help of Anemo Rings to complete the Challenge.

Second Half of Ending 3

Regardless of which option you complete, Beidou will take you to the Liyue Harbor, where you'll follow along as she handles an underground transaction. The quest marker will guide you to the following people: Nei the Professional Fishmonger, Wai the Amateur Fishmonger, and Mr. Iron Abacus, the Warehouse Owner.

After, follow the quest marker to the Guyun Stone Forest and change the time to the next day between 00:00 to 05:00. You can enjoy the rest of the Hangout however you like! Completing this Ending will merit you the Achievement Guyun Buyers' Club.

Ending 4: Sakura Blooms Upon Guili Fell

To get this Ending, you need to start from the very beginning of the Hangout. When the crew members leave you and Beidou alone, respond with Why would I? I should be thanking them for taking me to Inazuma. She then talks to you in a quiet spot, revealing that her fleet found a Liyue Treasure Map from an Inazuman shipwreck.

When she asks for your help in deciphering the map, respond with I think it's Guili Plains, just very badly drawn. From there, you head to the Guili Plains, where Beidou will intimidate some Treasure Hoarders who'll eventually help you find the treasure. Follow the quest markers to guide you.

The third quest marker doesn't tell you the exact location of the treasure, so reference the image above—the correct Dig interaction is located on the upper right of the quest marker.

You'll find a check to the Northland Bank plus a note containing a person's dying wish. You help Beidou return the check to its rightful owner.

Ending 5: Between Us

Start from the Private Chat dialogue route. This time, make the wrong speculation about the Treasure Map's origins: I think it's Qingce Village, just very badly drawn. You and Beidou head to the Qingce Village, where you resolve some petty arguments between villagers.

After getting in-between Changping and Defu, they agree to give you the Chest that they were arguing about and invite you to a banquet at night. Change the time to anytime between 21:00 to 24:00 to attend the banquet with Beidou. You and the drunk Captain then head to the waterwheel to open the treasure, only to find spoiled cabbages inside.

Completing Ending 5 will unlock the Achievement Wine Unburdens. Likewise, completing all five Endings will grant you the Achievement Honorary Crux Member.

Check out our guide on Genshin Impact: How to get the Portable Waypoint to help you travel to the Alcor in a jiffy throughout Beidou's Hangout Event.

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