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How to buy a stroller

24The lowdown on strollers

A stroller is a key piece of baby gear typically needed right from the start until a child is able to walk a distance on his own, by about age 3 or 4; many parents use their strollers until their child is 7 or 8 if they’re walking long distances or for a long day.

With so many different types of strollers available, though, it can be hard to tell which one is right for your family. Consider where you live, where you expect to push your stroller, and how much you want to spend. If you plan to take your child on long urban walks, you’ll need a stroller that’s sturdy but easy to maneuver over curbs, in and out of shops, and through on public transportation. If you live a suburban or rural car-oriented lifestyle, your stroller should be easy to fold and fit in your car.

If you’ll use a stroller mainly for quick errands, you can probably get away with a simple car-seat stroller frame for younger babies and a lightweight stroller for older ones. Active moms and dads who want to bring their baby along when running or hiking will want a rugged jogging stroller. You may end up with several strollers in your closet or garage as your child grows and your needs change.

Types of strollers

Standard strollers come in many different styles and designs, but will almost always have a comfortable padded seat that can recline into different positions. Most have sunshades and storage areas below the seat. In some strollers, the baby faces forward, while others position the child looking back at the parents. Many models can shift from one orientation to the other. They can range from simple, inexpensive strollers to high-end strollers loaded up with features.

Car-seat stroller frames are lightweight metal frames designed to carry specific types of infant car seats. You remove the car seat from its base in the car, snap it into the stroller frame, and you’re rolling. (This is especially convenient when you need to take a sleeping baby out of the back seat.) These frames are easy to fold up and throw in the trunk of your car, and don’t take up much space. But once your baby outgrows her infant car seat (usually when she hits 35 pounds or so), you won’t be able to use one anymore.

Travel systems are standard or jogging strollers that can also carry an infant car seat. Travel systems are larger, heavier, and more expensive than a stroller frame, but you can use them after your baby has outgrown her infant car seat. Travel systems typically include a stroller and matching infant car seat.

Lightweight strollers, sometimes called umbrella strollers, usually weigh 12 pounds or less and fold up compactly. These no-frills strollers may not have much padding and sometimes aren’t very adjustable, but they are usually less expensive than models with more features. They’re better for toddlers and older babies (check the manufacturer’s age recommendation). Some families use them as backup strollers or for traveling. Most aren’t suitable for infants because they don’t fully recline or have much head support.

Jogging strollers feature 3 bicycle wheels on a lightweight frame and deliver a smooth ride for both pusher and passenger. They’re great for taking your child on long walks, runs, and even hikes through the woods (if the trail is wide enough). Some jogging strollers carry more than one child, either side-by-side or one-behind-the-other.

In urban environments, jogging strollers can scale steep hills and navigate over curbs. But their size makes them hard to maneuver up and down stairs, into elevators, or through stores, and they don’t fold up as compactly as other models.

Note: You may need to purchase additional parts to use a jogging stroller safely when your baby is younger than 6 months old. Some fully recline for infants, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll have to buy an infant-car-seat adapter or a separate bassinet or “carry cot” made for your stroller.

Double and triple strollers let parents push 2 (or more) children at once. In tandem models, one child sits behind the other, an arrangement that can be useful for a baby and an older sibling. Some traditional strollers have the option of adding a platform behind the baby’s seat where an older sibling can stand. The other option is a side-by-side model.

Tandem strollers are easier to maneuver through doorways, though the rear seats on some models can lack legroom. Side-by-side strollers can be harder to wheel down a crowded sidewalk, but the seats are equally comfortable for all passengers.

Stroller Best Equipment to make a Child Blushing and Happy Moving

23So, strollers are used for the children to accommodate with an elder in their leisure walk or jogging.  Strollers can be classified into various types depending on their usage and levels of comfort. There are many companies in the market which provide strollers and have to choose the best option which fits for the exact requirement.

Baby Strollers: These are the typically used to accommodate have a leisure walk along with a parent or an elder for a leisure walk. It is always advised by doctors to have a climate change for refreshment in children hence it is a good exercise for even the parent also to take a walk with child in baby stroller. There is wide range of strollers available in market with various options like:

Jogging stroller: These are the strollers with double benefit that the adult can have a morning or evening jog along with the child joining him / her in a stroller. This kind of strollers will have the dual advantage of having an exercise for parent to maintain their physique as well as the chill to get a healthy breeze to refresh and have a delightful morning / evening.

 Double Jogging stroller: This is a little advanced version of jogging stroller as it has the facility of double jogging strollers which means the same stroller can accommodate two kids at a time either in a line or facing face to face to each other. This is very useful for the families where there are two kids available, and need to take them for a jog at the same time to save time and energy.

Double strollers: These are the strollers with the same facility of two kids’ accommodating at the same time however; the only difference with this kind of strollers is that they can be used for the purpose of walking rather that for jogging. So, it will be a pleasant experience to go for a early morning walk or an evening sun set walk for a parent with his / her children and also gives enormous refreshment to all of them.

Double strollers also have the facility to have room for two children at a time with the option of either having them place one after other just like a trolley or placing them in a position to face each other. Both are considered to be comfortable and safe by all means.

Stroller adapters are very important and mandatory for any stroller because this gives the facility to hold neck and head of the child in a stable position to avoid any accidents that may occur especially at the time of jogging.

There are wide ranges of stroller accessories that are available in the market which includes, water bottles, a cover from top to avoid heat and dust for child, a various range of toys for the child while in the stroller etc.Depending upon the requirement it is easy to shop for a stroller to make the child’s day exciting and refreshing.

Design Aspects to Look for in Strollers for Twins

22There are numerous types and settings to consider when buying strollers for twins. As a mother of twins, the most important thing is to ensure that you can easily carry them when going outside which includes safe maneuvering of the stroller and safe carrying of all their baby items. Here are some helpful guidelines in buying them and what to consider based on your specific needs.

While strollers for twins are so popular, carriages are also classic carrying tools to use for your twins. If you are considering either option, then you have to consider both advantages. First, carriages are old fashions and are more ideal when carrying infants for a few months right after birth. This will allow them to sleep soundly and relax while ensuring their safety. By 6 months, they might be better off with strollers for twins. Strollers allow them to mimic a sitting position even if they are technically lying down and just trying to move their bodies to see the world in front of them.

When it comes to strollers for twins, you can opt for a twin stroller or a tandem type. The first one is a side by side stroller that tends to be a lot lighter and usually is stackable or foldable, allowing you to conveniently hang them when not in use. They are ideal when traveling across narrower paths like in groceries simply because the lightweight structure does not add bulk and weight to the item. The tandem type strollers are heavier as well as longer and one baby sits at the front of his or her twin. This is sleeker upfront and can be managed by only one hand so they are also great when bringing the babies to the grocery store

Another important factor to be considered in buying strollers for twins would be the wheels. A three wheel setting is favored by more moms since they seem to be very easy to navigate with compared to the four wheel strollers. The advantage of the four wheel type is that the trolley is stable in both front and back.

Choosing the best strollers for twins requires a bit of personal trial and error. You might want to go to the toddler section of the department store to test some trolleys and see to it that they are constructed well and have comfortable cushions and support for the babies.

Three Great Reasons Why Bumbleride Strollers Could Be Great For You and Your Baby

21One of the most necessary things when you have a baby is a good stroller, unless of course you want to keep your baby indoors at all times. Before babies can walk, a stroller is the ideal way to get them around and allow them to see their world, but they can also be quite problematic. When just using one on a flat surface, many of you may have already noticed that they can be difficult to handle, and could even be compared to a shopping trolley. The problems only get worse when you try to use them on any other surface. Fortunately, companies such as Bumbleride manufacture ranges of strollers specially designed to give you greater quality and better handling. Read on to see how Bumbleride strollers can make your life easier.

Ranges to suit your needs

Bumbleride make many different types of stroller, each designed to make certain situations easier. If you are regularly traveling over uneven terrain, if you frequently walk on the beach or even if you just have trouble squeezing through crowds n the city, there is a stroller to meet your requirements.

Creative history

Bumbleride have been in the business for a long time, and in this time they have been injecting creativity into every one of their products. With a great design team they offer many interesting looks and colors so you can find a stroller wich stands out without losing any functionality.

Top quality

Bumbleride strollers are among the highest rated by customers. Their dedication to quality products can be clearly seen in everything they do, with double and single baby carriage strollers ideal for every situation and capable of going the distance as regards to lifespan. With an average rating of 93%, you could do a lot worse!

Baby Car Seat Maintenance

20As a start, we should have another look at the initial installation to ensure that it is or was properly installed. Here the manufacturer’s instructions are of paramount importance and for this very reason these should be kept in a safe place. These would help to identify if faults were made when the seat was originally installed.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: When all else fail… Read the instructions! This might well be said in jest, but it doesn’t make it les true. Most people will try to assemble or install newly acquired appliances without even opening the instructions and will only consult these when encountering difficulties.

Prior to the start of the operation, we should make a thorough study of the instructions and a good practice with baby car seats is to regularly read these again before checking on all the relevant points for peace of mind.

Ask a number of questions too.

Is this specific infant car seat still the correct size for the weight and height of my infant? If the baby has exceeded either the weight or height specification (or both) of the manufacturer, the seat doesn’t provide adequate protection any longer.

Is the baby still traveling facing rearwards? It is far better to err here on the side of waiting longer than necessary before turning this seat around to face forward for if it is done too soon, the consequences could be disastrous. And let’s face it, our baby hasn’t traveled facing forward before, thus won’t miss doing that. Mostly we want this seat to be facing forward for our own convenience as to be able to see baby’s face better.

Are the catches of the removable kind of baby seat still latching properly when the seat is put back into the vehicle? Should these not latch properly, the whole of the seat and it’s precious contents could be thrown out of the vehicle at the critical time, with calamitous results.

Do the straps securing the infant car seat in position in the vehicle still have the correct tension? Loose straps will cause whiplash and could increase the effect of an impact on the frail body of our precious baby and could even be fatal.

Are there older siblings that are trampling all over the car seat? This should be avoided at all times as their heavier bodies and greater muscle strength will damage this life saving device and could cause a tragedy.

This is for a safe and happy motoring experience and the best outcome in the case of the unthinkable situation where the only thing between them and a cruel ending is the care with which the installation and maintenance was carried out.