Best Minecraft Build Challenges

Throughout the decade of Minecraft's existence, players have challenged themselves to create all sorts of builds, from mansions and castles to boat homes, and more. With the release of Minecraft Education Edition, Mojang has brought its own challenges to young and old players.

Some building challenges are more intriguing than others, so let's go over our personal top five best Minecraft build challenges.

Pixel Portraits Build Challenge

Pixel Portraits is a straightforward build challenge. Players are supposed to make a large 2D pixelized portrait of themselves/friend/family/celebrity/etc. This isn't a challenge to perfectly capture the person they are illustrating, but instead a general idea of them.

Think of this challenge as one where players might turn themselves into the 8-bit versions they might have played in some indie RPGs. They can serve as different, more detailed, and custom emojis. With how open this challenge is, players can build many further guidelines within it.

Architectural Build Challenge

Players wanting to challenge their architectural prowess can start with this simple Architectural Challenge. Pick from any time period of structures and try to mimic it as well as possible with the materials within Minecraft. From the Roman temples and amphitheaters to Gothic cathedrals and Islamic mosques.

This can be especially interesting if done in groups. Players could join together to build an entire cityscape based around a certain region's architectural style. Not only does it inspire players to try new styles of building, but also to make organic shapes with only blocks at their disposal.

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Comic Book Build Challenge

The Comic Book challenge has the player or multiple players work together to build up a page or several pages of a comic. Within each page, the players need to set a scene across a couple of panels and tell a story. Players can take screenshots of each page they create or leave it up in their world to be found later as a giant storybook.

This build challenge takes the concept of the portrait challenges and kicks it up a notch with full scenes, built in 3D or 2D, based on the player's preference. Players can write their own comic or copy one of their favorites and build it into this style. This can be a longer-term challenge for those who really want to spend the time dedicated to it.

Character Study Build Challenge

For the Character Study build challenge, players must take a favorite character and try to create a home for them based on their characteristics. Due to a large number of possible characters, this build could cover several of the other challenges. Players could be making something from any culture or timeline.

Players could also make a house to accommodate a character that they have created. However, in this case, players should make sure to not just make a basic box. The point is to provide a true home to the character and give them something that they would love to live in.

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Physics Coaster Build Challenge

With all the mining mechanics within the game, building a roller coaster should be a fairly easy task. However, players can challenge themselves to mimic real roller coasters or even make their own thrilling ride with a minimum number of slopes, twists, and turns. Using the mining carts, players can ride their coaster partway through or at the end to see how well they achieved their desired effects.

Each of these building challenges has more educational options that players can get into if they wish. However, for those just looking for some new ideas to try out, these can work well without becoming a form of homework. To find other building challenges, players can head over to

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