Best Minecraft Seeds (November 2021) – Xbox One, PS4, & All Platforms!

Our Minecraft Best Seeds post features a bunch of newly found seeds to start your next Minecraft world. Using specific seeds is a great way to get your adventure started in an exciting area. With the random nature of landscape creation in the game, it's nice to guarantee what you are getting yourself into.

The Shortlist

Java Seeds (1.18)

Note: There is currently a bug with 1.18 Java Seeds (only available as Snapshots). The way it renders can cause seed chunks to overlap, making glitches common when updating worlds to the new version. The seeds below might not work properly in the future if you start them in the 1.18 Snapshots!

Village Mountain

Seed: 292038360

It may be hard to see, but three villages are surrounding the mountain in the image above. The best part? You spawn on that mountain! This seed is a wonderful option to use if you're just starting 1.18 and want to have a slight advantage while exploring the incredible new world generation. You can either use this as a starting point or reign over your village citizens below and build a giant castle on the mountain.

Mountains and Caves

Seed: -607429394

There are two significant features about the shift to 1.18 world generation: the mountain ranges and the caves. This seed is the perfect seed to explore both of them immediately! You spawn right next to a deep cave that brings you to some of the lowest spots you can reach. Then, you only need to make a short hike to land in a valley between two large, majestic mountains!

Bedrock Seeds (1.18)

Poolside Cavern

Seed: 292038360

On the opposite end of the majestic mountains listed in the seed prior, we have the other primary feature of 1.18 world generation: caves. This is one of the best seeds to see what cave generation is about in this new update, and what better way to enjoy it than in a pool? In the image, you can see a small pool overlooking a massive hollowed out chunk of land, which can't possibly be frightening to an adventurer such as yourself.

Beautiful Mountain Ranges (1.18+)

Seed: 700682

This was one of the best views we could find for the new world generation for mountain ranges, and thus the perfect way to begin playing Minecraft 1.18. This seed puts the beauty and versatility of the mountain generation on display, including mountain peaks in multiple environments all close together.

Java Seeds (1.16/1.17)

From Mansion, With Love

Seed: 110918009997

If you love Woodland Mansions, then you'll love this seed. At spawn, you find yourself in a thick heart-shaped forest outlined by sand and completely encased in a giant Badlands Biome! At the heart of this Forest is a Woodland Mansion, just waiting for you to loot. You know what they say about Minecraft*: Mansion Home is where the heart is!

*Nobody says this.

The Carpenter's Dream

Seed: -3457725174793594040

This is a special seed because it features something we have never seen before: all types of Overworld wood are within 20 blocks of 0 0. In the image above, you can see Acacia, Spruce, Oak, Birch, Dark Oak, and Jungle Wood are all there. This seed is perfect for those that like to have variety when they're making their first base. It also means you'll have access to every type of tree until you find a better map. This truly is one of the rarest world-generation Easter eggs you'll find.

Bedrock Seeds (1.16/1.17)

All the Rare Things

Seed: 917317491

You'll find all the rare things near each other in this seed, starting at the Mansion that doesn't generate far off from spawn. This seed is perfect for players that are always on the hunt for a good seed because of how rarely these things generate. The fact that they generate so close together is that much better. Follow the Key Starting Locations below to see what that amazing seed has to offer.

The Twilight Zone

Seed:  -2024236026

There is something strange about this village. The Villagers seem oddly quiet and only communicate via disapproving grunts and trade requests. At night, moans come from deep underground, and there is an overwhelming sense of evil in the ravine that splits the village. What's down there? You'll have to travel a short distance away from spawn to see.

Don't forget: All Bedrock seeds work on all versions of Minecraft except the PC Version, which runs Java. Minecraft for Windows 10 also uses Bedrock Edition!

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