How to get the free NFL helmet? | New Roblox NFL Shop released

As of Nov. 24, 2021, the Nation Football League (NFL) is the most recent company to step foot into the world of Roblox. With an entire avatar collection and experience in continued development, it's clear that the NFL has big plans in terms of its future with the platform. Until those plans can come to fruition, however, the NFL has released a free, branded helmet to help tide players over and build up excitement for their 56th annual Super Bowl happening in February of 2022.

Free helmet

The free NFL Helmet can be claimed by simply joining the NFL Shop experience. Upon loading in for the first time, you should see a badge appear in the bottom right-hand corner that says NFL Helmet: Thank you for visiting the NFL Shop!. After receiving this badge, you can leave the experience and find the helmet in your avatar's general Roblox inventory.

Some players have reported a bug in receiving the helmet, however, where the badge appears but they are never awarded the helmet itself. In this case, follow the steps below.

After completing these steps, the NFL Helmet should appear.

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NFL Shop experience

At the moment, the NFL Shop experience is limited to a parking lot tailgate and large Fanatics store, which sells avatar items for your player to collect and equip. There are numerous NPCs dressed in the merchandise of their favorite football teams that run around the experience and even say hello to you, but other than that, the experience doesn't offer much. There is, however, a likelihood that this experience will be expanding in the near future.

The NFL Shop's description states a disclaimer that this is not an event or full-game experience, though it does offer a preview of what's coming in the future. Inside of this experience, just past the tailgates tents, a large crane and construction site can be seen building something nearby that resembles a stadium. Perhaps a full NFL x Roblox Super Bowl collab could be coming in just a few months, or even weeks.

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There are two merch drops set for the current NFL collaboration—one that released on Nov. 23, 2021, and one coming on Dec. 1, 2021. The first drop released all of the American Football Conference (AFC) merch, which includes the teams listed below.

The second drop will feature merch from all of the National Football Conference (NFC) teams, which are listed below.

The prices for these items range, as each shirt is six Robux, each pair of pants is six Robux, and each helmet is 50 Robux.


If more information is released regarding the possible new addition to the NFL Shop experience, Pro Game Guides will post an article, or update this one, accordingly.

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