When is the 2021 Christmas update coming to Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg?


Welcome to Bloxburg, one of the most popular roleplaying experiences on Roblox, releases a Christmas update each year that brings in hundreds of thousands of excited players ready to indulge in the holiday spirit. This update typically releases within the first two weeks of December each year, however with Bloxburg's recent patch logs, we could be seeing the 2021 version of this update arrive later than usual. To learn more about this possible pushback and the history of this update, continue reading below.

Previous updates

The first Christmas update for Bloxburg debuted in December of 2016, though the official release date is unknown due to the game's early access restrictions implemented that year. In 2017 the Christmas update appeared on Dec. 2, in 2018 on Dec. 7, in 2019 on Dec. 6, and in 2020 on Dec. 10. Going off of this pattern, the 2021 Christmas update was originally rumored to come out somewhere around Dec. 5, 2021.

Christmas 2021

Even though Dec. 5, 2021, would fit the pattern of previous release dates, it's questionable as to whether or not it will see Bloxburg's Christmas update this year. Assumably due to many factors, including the rise and fall of COVID-19 and Roblox's weekend-long outage, updates for Bloxburg have been few and far between since early fall. Unlike most years, it took Bloxburg developers a noticeably long amount of time to remove all of the Halloween assets, decorations, and items from the experience.

Because of this, fans have begun to speculate that the 2021 Christmas update will either be rushed and released according to the rumored schedule or pushed back to mid-December to accommodate the necessary time stretches and experience changes. Regardless of which outcome happens, fans on Twitter are just excited to see Christmas come to Bloxburg in any form.

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What to expect

Various exclusive items, dishes, and locations are added each year to help celebrate the Bloxburg Christmas update and Christmas in general. To help show you what to expect this year, we've listed some exclusive additions from years prior below:




When the Christmas update is officially released to Bloxburg, Pro Game Guides will post an article to let you know right away!

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